Are you seeing your possibilities?


Carol Patterson
Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Everyday Adventurer

You may not think of yourself as an adventurer, but you can Think Like an Explorer by learning:

  • Your passion’s in fashion
  • Fixing by mixing
  • Rejuvenate to innovate

Being first to a destination means planning for the worst, hoping for the best, and adapting quickly to reality. In many ways, an explorer’s challenges are similar to those of today’s organizations. Perhaps, at times, you have felt you were adrift on the high seas!

Successful explorers see with ‘fresh’ eyes. They move past limited thinking and create innovative solutions with resources on hand. How many times have you solved a problem after taking a break? Or found new clarity when you looked at a situation as if for the first time?

Learn how to think like an explorer with Carol’s keynote and presentations to chart your business path to new ideas. 

 “Really lit up the room with her humor and relaxed sense of speaking” ~ Colin Weir, Alberta Birds of Prey Centre.

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Think Like an Explorer to Find Your Perfect Job. Listen to learn how you can find engaging work that pays the bills.

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