Monthly Archives: August 2012

Itchy Bear? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Itchy bear? Tourists can have a negative impact on bears through habituation, so it was a real treat to see this guy communicating freely on a well-used animal trail!

Smiling Albino will have you smiling Posted on by CarolPatterson

I had the pleasure of meeting Scott Coates, Co-founder of Smiling Albino, today. I loved hearing how a fellow Albertan built a great tour company with $2,000 and a lot of courage. Scott and his team have a great outlook … Read More

Bears + Belugas = Bucks Posted on by CarolPatterson

In this video on Churchill's bears and beluga I look at the money wildlife watchers are bringing to the community. I had some funding challenges on my special effects as you'll see in the segment on the fur trade:)