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Technology Avalanche Posted on by CarolPatterson

Queen Elizabeth made news recently with her first tweet, but did you know she also made the first phone call from Britain to Canada? That’s a lot of change in one lifetime. Skype has made international calling old-hat, but the … Read More

Selfies Can Be Hazardous to Your Health Posted on by CarolPatterson

South Lake Tahoe Visitor Center staff is asking people to stop taking selfies. People are getting too close to the bears in an attempt to get a smartphone picture of them and the bruins. In 2013 a rhino gored a … Read More

Nebraska State Parks Provide Vitamin N(ature) Posted on by CarolPatterson

Most people – even young children – spend as much time in front of a screen as they do sleeping each day. You might think cuddling indoors with a computer is harmless, but new research shows your health improves with … Read More