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Is Calgary a hotbed of adventure travel legends? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Many Canadian cities are close to mountains (Hello Vancouver) but few have the concentration of adventure travel legends found in Calgary. I set out to discover for Avenue Magazine if there was something in the air, the water or the … Read More

The man who inspired Charles Darwin Posted on by CarolPatterson

Most people have heard of Charles Darwin but few know about Charles Waterton who played an important role in Darwin’s life. Waterton seems to have been forgotten by history but he created the first nature preserve, invented the artificial bird … Read More

Canada’s largest ghost town a harbinger of a post-oil future? Posted on by CarolPatterson

One of the best historical attractions I’ve seen is the ghost town of Val-Jalbert in Quebec’s Saguenay– Lac-St. Jean Region. Val-Jalbert in the 1920s was a bit like Fort McMurray of today – a bustling town built around one industry.  … Read More