Monthly Archives: February 2016

How to find a bison stampede Posted on by CarolPatterson

When I learned to fly, my flight instructor told me flying was boredom 95% of the time and the other 5% delivered sphincter-narrowing excitement. That phrase ran through my head as I searched unsuccessfully for bison in Elk Island National … Read More

The Year of The Horse Monkey Posted on by CarolPatterson

Three years ago I celebrated my horse Lennie’s 25th birthday on the start of the lunar year of the horse. I picked that day to celebrate her birthday because Lennie’s birthdate is unknown. All I know is that she was … Read More

If you love it, open your wallet Posted on by CarolPatterson

Spend a few seconds on the web and you’ll see another species or habitat in trouble. It’s depressing! But as Valentine’s Day approaches my heart is lighter as I follow the actions of a tech millionaire putting his money where … Read More