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Five nature festivals to get your spring on Posted on by CarolPatterson

Winter has its own beauty but after five months of dark evenings (and mornings), scraping car windshields, and dressing like the Michelin man before heading outside, I am ready for spring! It is a time of renewal for Mother Nature … Read More

Where can you see one of the world’s greatest wildlife migrations? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Ever wonder what wildlife viewing was like when John Muir and Aldo Leopold were alive? I have and wondered if it’s possible to see a fraction of what they witnessed before economic growth and urbanization destroyed many wild areas. It … Read More

Book Review: Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures by Leigh McAdam Posted on by CarolPatterson

Leigh McAdam encourages people to get out and explore Canada with this guide to self-locomotion. Covering the country from coast to coast and every season she offers choices for hiking, biking, skating, rafting and paddling. Each adventure includes main attractions, … Read More