Adventure Takes Over The World?

Adventure TravelGet ready. Adventure is taking over the travel world. Once regarded as a niche within the travel industry, it has grown rapidly in the past two decades. Now, Phillippe Duverger, PhD Consulting, predicts all travel will become adventure travel. “What is an adventure?” Duverger posed at Canada’s Travel Tourism and Research Association conference, noting that dining out can be called an adventure as can summiting Everest. He suggests that as mass tourism organizations incorporate adventure activities and terminology into their businesses, adventure may become a state of mind. If global corporations put their marketing muscle into selling adventure, it will be hard for small-scale adventure companies to distinguish themselves.

Duverger’s research done in conjunction with the Adventure Travel Trade Association, suggests that instead of describing adventure as hard or soft, we will move to the categories of grazers (someone checking off high thrills on their bucket list), adventurers (working on their skills) and enthusiasts (people keen on one activity, higher skill, going to unique locations for their sport).

Never have words seemed so powerful; their ability to redefine an industry will impact many of us. For if we are all having adventures, how do we delineate those tours and activities that carry higher risk?


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