Airlines Reinvent Destinations

icelandIf you have worked with tourism businesses in remote locations, you know easy access is important in attracting customers. So when an airline adds a new route, it creates untold opportunities for adventure businesses. Recreation and real estate development took off in B.C.’s Comox Valley when WestJet added Calgary to Comox flights. Now, Icelandair is adding direct flights from Edmonton and Vancouver to Reykjavik.

In less time than it takes to reach Halifax and for the same price as a trip to Toronto, people can visit one of Europe’s coolest destinations. And that is cool as in hip. While it’s located near the Arctic Circle, Iceland’s climate is moderated by the Gulf Stream. It feels more like a chilly Vancouver than Iqaluit. And there is much to do for adventure seekers – hiking, bird or whale watching, tours of glaciers and geysers, and visiting museums on whales, seals or sorcery.  Here’s hoping more Canadians experience the destination National Geographic Traveler rated one of the best places to travel!


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