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How Casey Anderson is making wild cool again Posted on by CarolPatterson

Casey Anderson has a pet grizzly and is a seriously cool guy. Learn how he is making wild places cool again and how you can go hiking with this National Geo host in this story I wrote for

Biodiversity Strategies for Cities? Posted on by CarolPatterson

My eyebrows reached my hairline when I heard my hometown had a biodiversity strategy. With over a million people, I hadn’t thought of Calgary, Alberta as a biodiversity hotspot. True, it has the most extensive urban pathway network in North … Read More

How to find a bison stampede Posted on by CarolPatterson

When I learned to fly, my flight instructor told me flying was boredom 95% of the time and the other 5% delivered sphincter-narrowing excitement. That phrase ran through my head as I searched unsuccessfully for bison in Elk Island National … Read More