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How to sex a marmot from 100 meters Posted on by CarolPatterson

“Stop!” I screeched at my husband as he scrambled over granite rocks looking for the perfect place to rest. “There’s a marmot right above you!” Colin looked up at golden-mantled ground squirrel and kept walking, knowing he was far enough … Read More

Thawing out with flaming gin Posted on by CarolPatterson

The surfs so cold on Vancouver Island it causes brain freeze. Think surfing and you probably think bronzed bodies, frothing waves and warm sun. Tofino, British Columbia has the waves, but the sun hides behind the clouds that make this … Read More

The world’s best nature festival Posted on by CarolPatterson

Okay, I’m biased. I have no formal criteria, no judging panel, and no independent auditors. Just my own crazy fun time in the mountains have me declaring British Columbia’s Wings Over The Rockies annual wildlife love-in as the best nature … Read More