If you are wondering if your community has the potential to be a successful tourism destination, do some planning before you rush off to the printer for glossy advertising brochures. Communities and businesses often jump into tourism without understanding the industry or the commitment needed to succeed.

When I visit a community, people will comment on their interesting history or their friendly people. But how often does a community have unfriendly folks? And your history, while interesting to you, may not be enough to draw tourists. You need to identify the tourism attractants that are truly unique and interesting enough to build a business on.
You should start with an inventory of what is available and then get as much information as possible on nature and cultural travellers, especially those who are likely to visit your community. Once you’ve done this you can undertake a match between what you can offer and what the market is likely to purchase. With this information you can then plan to add infrastructure (if and where needed), market, and train staff.

Below are some ideas to get you started. If you need more help, contact our office.


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