Have you said yes to new adventures?

Have you noticed that adventure comes when you're not fully prepared? When our guide, Christian, asked if we wanted to walk barefoot through the high moors I.e. bog, of Switzerland's Entlebuch Biosphere you could hear crickets:) As professional adventurers, we hesitated at this simple challenge.

But eventually the boots started to come off. I did a quick risk assessment – what the worst that could happen? Cold feet? If so, I could my boots back on. And yes, it was wet, it was cold, it was prickly, but it was FUN! Years from now, the conference workshops will be a vague memory, but I'll never forget walking barefoot across the high moors feeling like a character out of Wuthering Heights!

So what unplanned adventure can you say yes to? Shoes optional. To see more about barefoot bog walking or to be inspired to create your own adventure, click here.

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