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Think Like An Explorer To Find Your Perfect Job In The Hidden Job Market

Heard about the hidden job market but can’t find it? Annoyed by media reports of labor shortages when you can’t find work? Looking for a second act but not sure where to go? The average person will change jobs several times over their life.

Knowing how to find the right job is a skill you need to keep your career moving and achieve personal satisfaction. Carol Patterson can help you think like an explorer to find your perfect job.

Carol started her career as a professional accountant in the oil and gas industry but reinvented herself as a travel writer, speaker, teacher and tourism business development consultant. In the twenty years since she left the security of a permanent job with a large company Carol has had to search out opportunities many times, sometimes when the economy was good and others, when it wasn’t so favorable.

This podcast will help you uncover the hidden job market and reinvent your career opportunities.

You will learn:

  • How one contact can lead to a circle of influence that feeds you work for years
  • The three mistakes people make when looking for work
  • Why some jobs are filled before the career ad is placed
  • How to avoid wasting your time on education you don’t need
  • What events you need to attend

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