Nature Scape’s
Childern today spend 50% less time outdoors then you did. Watch this to Learn why you should care.
Most travelers are missing one of North America’s biggest wildlife migrations. Check it out here.
Crocodile Tourism
Learn how crocodiles are reinventing tourism in Costa Rica.
Prairie Chicken Viewing
Prairie chickens are the Clark Kent’s of the bird world. Watch them turn into Superman!
EcoTourism Management Winter 2011
If you wonder if I am the right speaker for your event, this video shows my speaking style.
Alberta’s Ellis Bird Farm
I love the vision shown by the founders of Alberta’s Ellis Bird Farm.
Costa Rica: A Victim of Its Own Success
Can Costa Rica manage all of the visitors searching for an experience in the wild?
Churchill, Manitoba
Can tourism replace jobs in traditional economies?
Whales of Maui
Whale watching in Maui is a conservation success story.

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