Movie inspires Travel

When I saw the movie The Big Year in which 3 guys set out to see the most birds in one year, I was inspired to do my Big Year. I'm not going for the most bird species spotted, but rather the most days wildlife watching on the road while still keeping the bills paid.

Where would you like to go if you did a Big Year?

Owen Wilson, Jack Black and Steve Martin portrayed the real life struggle of the 3 top bird watchers fighting it out for the title of top birder. Imagine my surprise when I discovered Steve Miller (portrayed by Jack Black) is the keynote speaker at the Great Salt Lake Birding Festival this week! It seemed like serendipity since I'll be nearby as I head to Bryce Canyon for some hiking.  So now, I'm excited to hear (and maybe meet) someone who inspired my Big Year.

Has a movie ever inspired you to visit someplace new? Perhaps this could be your Big Year…..



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