Pokémon GO searching for the correct creatures?

Pokémon GOPokémon GO is bringing people outdoors as computer-generated reality takes advantage of Mother Nature’s reality. I’m not a player but got a demonstration of the game while walking with several devoted Pokémon GO players.

“I grew up with Pokémon,” explained Jonathon on his lifelong fascination with the game. It was a bit like learning a new culture: how lures are set at Pokémon stops to attract Pokémon’s and how Pokémon only appear at certain places for a limited time.

While we were discussing the game and the similarities to capturing wildlife I noticed an osprey flying overhead. It bravely flapped against the wind as it struggled to carry a stick longer than its body to its nest. The osprey would already have raised its young for the year but was driven by instinct to keep improving its nest.

Here was a creature worthy of admiration yet invisible to the Pokémon players below. As the bird soared overhead all eyes pointed downwards waiting for a Pokémon to appear.

It seems Pokémon GO is getting people outdoors but will they notice?


Pokémon GO searching for the correct creatures? Click to Tweet.

Pokémon GO is getting people outdoors but will they notice? Click to Tweet.

Is Pokémon GO really allowing people to get outdoors & enjoy the scenery? Click to Tweet.

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