Reinvent Your Diet with Tart Cherries

Tart Cherry PieI thought I was risking my health when I signed onto a three-day press tour to eat all things cherry. I tried cherry margaritas, pork loin with cherries, cherry ice cream, cherry wine, chocolate-dipped cherries, cherry bars, even cherry-clam linguini. While I wouldn’t recommend a steady diet of sugar-laden treats, the tart cherry itself has amazing health benefits.

Researchers have discovered that tart cherries – the kind seen in pie fillings – may be a super food. Michigan State University scientists were among the first to identify three powerful anti-inflammatory anthocyanins in tart cherries. These compounds may protect artery walls from plaque and help relieve pain.

The tart cherry is also a significant source of melatonin, an anti-oxidant that can reduce brain deterioration associated with aging, and improve sleep. It might be coincidence or placebo effect, but I slept better in Wisconsin knowing I was improving my health by eating cherry pie. The sacrifices made by a travel writer!


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