Retro RV Reinvents Camping

travel trailerWhen I was young you had to suffer to camp. Canvas tents leaked if you touched them when wet, air mattresses deflated overnight, and supper was whatever you could cook over a smoky fire in the rain. Things improved with the invention of Gore-Tex and affordable recreational vehicles (RVs), but it can be a hassle to pull a RV and wrestle it into a camping site. A creative-thinking entrepreneur, Darci Schepansky, has reinvented the camping experience by delivering rental RVs to any campground in the Waskesiu region of northern Saskatchewan.

Darci and her team will have the RV parked, wood stacked by the fire pit, a tablecloth on the kayakpicnic table, and flowers by the door before you arrive. You don’t need to buy an RV, own a large vehicle or worry about parking. Explaining her motivation for starting Retro RV, Darci says, “I wanted a business that would let me spend time with my kids.” Her kids enjoy visiting provincial parks while Mom makes money. As the name implies, some of the rental units are vintage, but there is nothing old-fashioned about this recreational reinvention! To learn more go to


Discover how you can go camping in a trailer without the hassle or hauling the trailer yourself here. Click to Tweet.

Retro RV is Reinventing the Way We Camp. Learn more: Click to Tweet.

This entrepreneur has completely changed the way we camp with her creative-thinking. Find out more. Click to Tweet.

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