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In the two decades since I left a conventional career as a professional accountant, I have helped people reinvent and revitalize their organizations with adventure.
I’ve been chased by elephants, surrounded by cockroaches in Borneo, hobbled across Bhutan on a broken ankle, and nearly froze to death on a llama safari, but I’ve learned pathfinders craft opportunities from modest resources while loving what they do.

The ability to think like an explorer allows people to see situations with new eyes and thrive when others wilt. Explorers work with what they have and know how to reduce risk when taking chances.

I can share these lessons at your conference or meeting to inspire everyday explorers explorer and create passion, innovation and results!

Are You Seeing Your Possibilities?


In our fast-paced world you need an adventurer’s curiosity to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Succeeding demands innovation, resourcefulness and passion – characteristics of successful explorers! The people in your organization might not see themselves as adventurers, but Carol Patterson’s keynote will show them how to think like an explorer by learning:

  • Your passion’s in fashion
  • Fixing by mixing
  • Rejuvenate to innovate

Being first to a destination means planning for the worst, hoping for the best, and adapting quickly to reality. Successful explorers see with ‘fresh’ eyes. They move past limited thinking and creative innovative solutions with resources on hand.

Sharing her adventures as a professional accountant turned travel writer, speaker, consultant and everyday explorer, Carol will help you think like an everyday explorer to reinvent your organization, deliver results, and ignite the untapped passions within.

You will leave Carol’s keynote presentation:

  • Realizing why you need to bring what you love to your job
  • Seeing things as you’ve never seen them before and how to combine the tried and true to create new opportunities
  • Understanding why time away from your desk isn’t a luxury, but a necessity if you are serious about innovation
  • Inspired to let your passion lead to new frontiers and successes!


Ever wonder what it takes to create a world-class adventure destination or what it is like to explore them? This presentation offers a visual journey to some of the world’s special places through the eyes of a travel insider. Carol will share her observations on what distinguishes the best from their competition, and how your organization can apply these lessons.

Suitable for evening or meal presentations


Explorer’s bring fresh eyes to a situation and identify quickly the challenges and opportunities in an environment. Learn to think like an explorer to see your community as you’ve never seen it before. You may be surprised at what customers pay for, but identifying what they value and how to meet their needs will add to your bottom line. Find out how to inventory your area’s assets with new eyes, discover unconventional partners and create unique products and revenues.  

Suitable for interactive workshops

What People Are Saying about Carol’s Keynotes and Workshops

“You really lit up the room with your humor and relaxed sense of speaking”
Colin Weir, Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

I was very impressed with Carol’s presentation.  She is a light-hearted speaker who engages the audience. Carol is entertaining – a storyteller! She regaled us with her tourism travels and her changing career
Aileen Rycroft, RBC Wealth Management

Our participants and I came away from Carol’s presentations with new knowledge and information on programs that work
Thomas A. Tabor, Nebraska Tourism Commission

Carol is skilled at tailoring a presentation to meet people’s needs. She uses up-to-date, relevant information plus a variety of public speaking techniques to really involve her audience.
Paul Langevin, Parks Canada

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