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Pokémon GO searching for the correct creatures? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Pokémon GO is bringing people outdoors as computer-generated reality takes advantage of Mother Nature’s reality. I’m not a player but got a demonstration of the game while walking with several devoted Pokémon GO players. “I grew up with Pokémon,” explained … Read More

Eight things you don’t know about Sheridan, Wyoming Posted on by CarolPatterson

1. A lot of wealthy people live here. The private airport is bigger than the public airport (handy for those private jets) and gorgeous horseflesh peeps across the fences at sprawling country estates. Forrest Mars Jr. (grandson of the founder … Read More

Thawing out with flaming gin Posted on by CarolPatterson

The surfs so cold on Vancouver Island it causes brain freeze. Think surfing and you probably think bronzed bodies, frothing waves and warm sun. Tofino, British Columbia has the waves, but the sun hides behind the clouds that make this … Read More