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Pokémon GO searching for the correct creatures? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Pokémon GO is bringing people outdoors as computer-generated reality takes advantage of Mother Nature’s reality. I’m not a player but got a demonstration of the game while walking with several devoted Pokémon GO players. “I grew up with Pokémon,” explained … Read More

A catch and release aquarium? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Ever feel conflicted about watching animals in captivity? Zoos and aquariums do important research, species reintroduction, and education, but when the last frontier for wild animals is a confined space I feel sad. However Ucluelet aquarium on British Columbia’s Vancouver … Read More

Book Review: Discover Canada: 100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures by Leigh McAdam Posted on by CarolPatterson

Leigh McAdam encourages people to get out and explore Canada with this guide to self-locomotion. Covering the country from coast to coast and every season she offers choices for hiking, biking, skating, rafting and paddling. Each adventure includes main attractions, … Read More