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How to sex a marmot from 100 meters Posted on by CarolPatterson

“Stop!” I screeched at my husband as he scrambled over granite rocks looking for the perfect place to rest. “There’s a marmot right above you!” Colin looked up at golden-mantled ground squirrel and kept walking, knowing he was far enough … Read More

How to find a bison stampede Posted on by CarolPatterson

When I learned to fly, my flight instructor told me flying was boredom 95% of the time and the other 5% delivered sphincter-narrowing excitement. That phrase ran through my head as I searched unsuccessfully for bison in Elk Island National … Read More

Dogs save lives in avalanches Posted on by CarolPatterson

My latest story on Cazz, the avalanche dog, ran recently in the Red Deer Advocate. Watching this highly-trained canine search for his 'victim' was thrilling and highly inspiring. This is important work and dogs do it well- a dog and … Read More