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Thawing out with flaming gin Posted on by CarolPatterson

The surfs so cold on Vancouver Island it causes brain freeze. Think surfing and you probably think bronzed bodies, frothing waves and warm sun. Tofino, British Columbia has the waves, but the sun hides behind the clouds that make this … Read More

A catch and release aquarium? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Ever feel conflicted about watching animals in captivity? Zoos and aquariums do important research, species reintroduction, and education, but when the last frontier for wild animals is a confined space I feel sad. However Ucluelet aquarium on British Columbia’s Vancouver … Read More

Shorebirds: Tofino’s understated tourists Posted on by CarolPatterson

Drive to the western edge of Vancouver Island and you’ll find the surf-mad village of Tofino. Toque-wearing surfers cycle by, their surfboards clipped to a small trailer, the money saved on petrol buying them more time in this rainforest paradise. … Read More