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Pokémon GO searching for the correct creatures? Posted on by CarolPatterson

Pokémon GO is bringing people outdoors as computer-generated reality takes advantage of Mother Nature’s reality. I’m not a player but got a demonstration of the game while walking with several devoted Pokémon GO players. “I grew up with Pokémon,” explained … Read More

How to sex a marmot from 100 meters Posted on by CarolPatterson

“Stop!” I screeched at my husband as he scrambled over granite rocks looking for the perfect place to rest. “There’s a marmot right above you!” Colin looked up at golden-mantled ground squirrel and kept walking, knowing he was far enough … Read More

If you love it, open your wallet Posted on by CarolPatterson

Spend a few seconds on the web and you’ll see another species or habitat in trouble. It’s depressing! But as Valentine’s Day approaches my heart is lighter as I follow the actions of a tech millionaire putting his money where … Read More