The Year of The Horse Monkey


Three years ago I celebrated my horse Lennie’s 25th birthday on the start of the lunar year of the horse. I picked that day to celebrate her birthday because Lennie’s birthdate is unknown. All I know is that she was bought at auction as a three year-old sorrel mare for a lesson horse. Her days as a lesson horse are long gone but she still teaches. I’m her main student – a slow study she would probably say – and I’ve learned many things from my 1,000-pound yogi in a horsehair coat. At her birthday party I learned she loves an excuse to eat more but thinks people singing to her is crazy. See the birthday fun here.

When I threw that party I wasn’t sure how much more time we would have together – after all 25 is pretty old for a horse – but as we enter the year of the monkey I can look back at 1,000 extra days of nickered welcomes, Cirque de Soleil tricks, and grazing time on fresh grass while I contemplate life and Lennie contemplates how to get more blades in every bite.

May the year of the monkey bring you many blessings!


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