Waterton Wildlife Festival

The Man Who Inspired Charles Darwin

Charles Waterton is created the first wildlife preserve and inspired Charles Darwin but are his philosophies still valid 150 years after his death in the park that bears his name?

5 Calgary Adventure Legends

Does Calgary have more than its share of adventure legends? Probably, and here’s why.


Killer Whales in the Wild

This orca lived with his mother his whole life. In this BBC Travel story, learn more about killer whales and why I choose to see them in the wild.


blue-ribbon-mdThis award-winning story recounts how Peru’s economy is making the most of it’s birds – again.


Viking Graves and Drinking Outside in Freezing Weather

Showing readers how to enjoy open air living in Norway


(Tonga_page 2)

Tonga is the only South Pacific country never colonized and the difference shows.


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On safari in the Boreal Forest

Quebec’s Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region offers up-close encounters with wolves, bears and musk-ox.


Bear Necessities

Where is the best place to see bears on Canada’s west coast?


Seeing Without Sharing

Is it possible to enjoy a tourism attraction if you can’t share proof on social media?

Ann Arbor’s Fairy Doors

Fairies hang out in unlikely places in Michigan’s sixth largest city.

Puerta Vallarta’s Colorful Peacocks

Velas Vallarta Resort takes care of its peacocks and local wildlife .

Wildsight offers insight

Wildsight – a B.C. conservation group opens traveler’s eyes with unique tours.

Parks Canada

Making It Easy

Making it easy to be outside is making national parks more popular with travelers.

In Search of the Real Maui

The introduction of species has altered Hawaii’s environment but there is still much to love about Maui.

Birders Pilgrimage

Learn about the great pilgrimage to Point Pelee for bird watchers in Canada.

Sunshine snowshoeing

Where do you go for snow adventures when winter doesn’t show up? White Mountain Adventures can help.

Crocodile Rock

Think your job is rough? Guides feeding wild crocodiles face danger everyday.

Finding Friluftsliv in Norway

Open-air living is precious to Norwegians. Can we learn from them?

Lofty Expectations

Find out where you can see several hundred bald eagles in a single day.

Citizen Scientists & Humpbacks

Learn how whale watchers can help scientists learn more about humpback whales.


Missouri Connections

Thanks to a new generation of parks personnel, it is easier to connect to nature on the Missouri River.


The best place in the world to see northern lights plus opportunities to hike, paddle and sample freshly-caught fish will keep you hoping around the clock.

Rainforest Chocolate Tour

Costa Rica Chocolate

Does money grow on trees? For twenty year, cacao seeds were Costa Rica’s official curency.

Tart Cherry Pie

Cherries_Door County

Fort Robinson State Park has room to ride and board your horse.

Nebraska – Horse Lover’s Paradise

Fort Robinson State Park has room to ride and board your horse.

Wild West Myths

Was the old west as wild as John Wayne movies would have you believe?



Scientists made history as they attach geolocators to mountain bluebirds

Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee birding

The strange and wonderful of Point Pelee bird watching


Glacier Skywalk

Is this the new face of mountain exploration?

Iceland tour

Iceland Within Reach

Visiting Iceland just got easier for western Canadians. Find out how to maximize your time in the coolest of destinations!

A Sandhills daughter

The life of a Nebraska Sandhills rancher is hard.  The closest traffic signal can be 90 kilometers away.

Sandhill Cranes

Central Nebraska Cranes

Central Nebraska is not the first place to come to mind when you are planning a spring vacation, but it is for Dr. Jane Goodall.

Searching for blue whales

Ask a six-year old boy what his favourite creature is and he’s likely to name a dinosaur species.

female travel story

Female travelers in North Carolina

Women are an important market for adventure travel businesses. Learn how Nature Adventurers Outfitters make their customers happy

Festivals beat fall blues

A healthy way to overcome the fall blues is to find festivals reinventing shoulder-season travel like the Waterton Wildlife Festival.

A Voyage Like No Other

If paying to watch someone else work sounds like a strange holiday, you might be surprised at how much fun you can have onboard the freighter MV Uchuck III.

Maho Bay story

Turning Trash to Treasures at Maho Bay, USVI

Maho Bay Camps, an ecotourism pioneer, turns 32,000 bottles into art and souvenirs for tourists creating employment and reducing trash!

Go With a Guide on Vancouver Island

Go with a Guide

Sandy McRuer of Rain Bird Excursions show how his guide can make your next trip better, even if it’s to a destination you’ve visited before

Husavik Harbor, Northern Iceland

Northern Iceland:Nature Lover’s Dream

I worked with rural communities in Iceland to build the tourism industry. If you are a nature lover, you will love what they have created!

Finca Luna Nueva, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Finca Luna Nueva: Connecting Travelers to their Food

A Biodynamic farm is adding tourism to the menu and teaching travelers about sustainable farming in the process.

Away from the lights

Canada’s Dark Parks

Jasper National Park is a great place to check out one of Canada’s Dark Park.

Green stay – Hotel Carbon Offsets helps Alberta Farmers

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald uses carbon offsets to green its customer stay and helps farmers in the process.

Small is Beautiful in Costa Rica’s Tortuguero National Park

Vieiwng the watery beauty of one of Costa Rica’s most popular parks is better from the intimate setting of Manatus Lodge.

Monkey Business in Borneo

The world’s third largest island has a remarkable past – and a great tourism future

The Hidden Treasures of Iguazzu Falls

Argentina birds are worth a second look.


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